Maria Salatino

Administration Manager

Maria is the Administration Manager at Nicriel Partners and is responsible for providing administrative support across all operations for Nicriel Partners.

A key component of Maria’s role is to create and execute the framework in which strategic research and mapping are performed as well as crucial administrative activities that supports the broader consulting team and our clients. With a keen eye for detail Maria’s knowledge on the market mapping of professionals across government and private sectors is integral to supporting the activities of consultants through the provision of current and relevant market intelligence.

Maria has an innate ability to design research strategies then drill down and map accordingly throughout Australia and globally which adds a powerful compliment to the search capability of the group and a competitive advantage in the market.

Prior to joining Nicriel Partners Maria worked within the manufacturing sector and in service orientated environments within the legal industry.

To find out more about Maria’s experience and specialisation she can be contact on +612 8896 6038 and at