Our Story

Rob Esposito founded Nicriel Partners in 2010 with one goal: For the Organisation to earn a reputation of being able to get access to executive and technical talent that no one else can. From this, Nicriel Partners was born and quickly established themselves in four key sectors, Infrastructure, Engineering, Manufacturing and Supply Chain as being able to tailor talent acquisition solutions to any need no matter how specific or difficult the required resource may appear because “We Know People”.

Throughout the evolution of Nicriel Partners since 2010 we have developed a core group of values that have become the fabric of the culture of who we are and hold us accountable to a standard that our candidates and clients deserve. These values are:

Which we define as doing what Nicriel Partners see as the right thing to do, no matter what the situation is or whoever we are working with; having the courage to stand up for our values and what we believe in as an organisation in line with the ethical and moral standards of our culture.

Which we define as doing what we say we are going to do in a transparent and clear manner no matter the situation and becoming a trusted advisor to all our stakeholders.

Which we define as the continuous evolution of our service offerings and the ability to be versatile and agile and adapt to suit any situation.

Which we define as taking pride in the quality of what we do at all times and in every interaction and striving to improve what we do with all our stakeholders.

Which is a foundation value that our organisation was founded upon and we define as having a working environment and leadership model that supports our employees through providing a framework for our employees to thrive and deliver services to our stakeholders that are best practice and exceed expectations.

Nicriel Partners has been built on a model of quality and integrity specifically designed to solve situations for clients and candidates. Our business model is focused on making careful introductions of the best candidates across our key sectors. By working specifically across our key industry sectors, we have an innate ability to get access and target passive candidates and an equally unique ability to make introductions to only the most sought after organisations within these sectors.

Hiring managers, candidates and internal team members have been all in ever since they have worked with our high-quality trusted advisor approach which continues to this day with clients that began the journey with us in 2010.

Nicriel Partners have sound knowledge of the Engineering market and an ability to tailor a solution to different roles and ethics.